Thursday, April 17, 2008


Greetings mga kababayan! Kumusta!

For those who don't know me, I'm Dennis, an OFW currently working and living in New Zealand. I'm a software engineer by trade. A full-time father, husband and embedded software design engineer. You might think, how can I be full time in all those roles??? Go figure...

Anyways, I'm creating this blog in the hope of helping out other OFW's or OFW-wanna-be's out there or any other Pinoys living or working abroad or thinking about it. I'm all about helping -- genuine help. Feel free to share, comment and be heard. Let's help each other, that's the only way to beat the odds of poverty and mis-opportunity we have in the Philippines. As what I've heard from someone a long time ago,
"I can only do much, you can do more, but together we can do a lot."
Kudos mga kapatid!


Anonymous said...

hello Sir dinnis,
I have read your blog's here and
i read that we dont need to spend thousand's of pesos to come in New zealand.i hope u can give me an and my fiancee planning to migrate thier in new zealand but only my fiancee is qualified for it because he is a civil engineer but i have doubt's because the consultant that i inquire is telling us that they are not offering work's because they are not agencies.were they are correct.but the painful is if the qualified applicant cannot get a related work for 9 months their in new zealand it is still failure to us and it can be possible to deport us or cannot get a migrate.
Sir Dennis,
is their many vacant job their for civil eng.?like u have said that you are their in new zealand maybe you can advise us.i am so thankful that i read your blog's here in the wat the consultant said their is a lot of work their and it is impossible daw!na di makakita ng work dyan.sir i hope u can help us and you can send response on me in my email add

Dennis said...

Sorry for an extremely late reply... for the benefit of those who will be reading this, here's my reply to lady_yume22... The issue with Civil Engineering and Architecture and the like, there are differences in standards between countries. Like here in NZ, they'll require you to have knowledge/experience/expertise in the NZ building code, which is quite different than what we have in the Philippines. So it's possible that you can still immigrate here but you'll probably have to work "not" as a Civil Engineer or Architect, but something at a lower level but still related, if that makes sense, then make your way up. You might have to take up some courses here and gain professional qualification so you can then move up to your desired working level.

A lot of consultants or immigration advisers are just that, advisers, they are not job placers. You can check out the dozens of job placement agencies here in NZ and register your interest and they might be able to help you out finding a job. There is nothing to pay for these agencies and they'll simply get a "cut" from your salary/wage once you are already working here. If anyone asks for any kind of up-front payments, stay away from them completely, as they may be fraudulent or just plain suckers.

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